First Supreme Court Orders After Long Conference Announced

On Monday, September 30, the Supreme Court met for its Long Conference, where it considered the hundreds of petitions that came in over the summer. While the Court ultimately grants a tiny number of those cases, at the Long Conference they generally grant more cases than at any other point during the year. This morning,the Court announced eight cases in which cert was granted and one case in which cert was denied. Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog has written a comprehensive summary of the cases that were granted, the issues posed, and what happens next.

Most of the remaining petitions considered at the Long Conference will be denied, and those orders will be issued on Monday, October 7. A few of the remaining cases, however, may be held over for action in the future. Stay tuned with ISCOTUSnow to stay up to date with the latest in Supreme Court happenings.