Weekly Roundup - February 5, 2014

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Hypotheticals Gone Wild: A Look Back at Oral Argument in Navarette v. California

Employees will not be paid for time spent changing into and out of work clothes, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously

The argument in NLRB v. Noel Canning was quite lively. Director Christopher Schmidt pulls out a few vivid moments for ISCOTUSnow

The Supreme Court limits harsh sentences for drug dealers linked to overdose deaths

President Obama's State of the Union address included a reference to a recent Supreme Court decision. Did you catch it?

"We are an old-fashioned institution, and in my opinion that is a good thing," said Justice Alito at a luncheon this week

Update on the OT 2013 docket from SCOTUSblog

How can the Supreme Court unanimously agree in 1/3 of their cases when they are so polarized in other decisions? Prof. Schmidt reviewed a new book that examines the issue

Which Justices weren't at the State of the Union address?

Justice Sotomayor gave a glimpse into her past at UCLA last week

Justice Sotomayor visited Yale