Weekly Roundup - November 13, 2013

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Cases This Term

Unite Here Local 355 v. Mulhall, an important labor law case, is argued today at the Supreme Court. Learn the story of the case from Professor Cesar Rosado (video)

Can police search a home when one tenant allows and one objects? Learn about Fernandez v. California from Orin Kerr

This Supreme Court cheat sheet infographic can help you keep the issues straight

Find out how arguments went at the Supreme Court for Bond v. US, the bizarre poisonous love triangle case

The death penalty: Cruel and unusual for "mentally retarded" defendants?

Argument analysis of Walden v. Fiore from SCOTUSblog: An attempt to find a narrow ground of agreement

Supreme Court to hear federal gun law case

Supreme Court hears argument in a case about federal jurisdiction over cases brought by state attorneys general

Argument analysis of Mississippi v. AU Optronics Corp.: Justices spar over federal jurisdiction for state AG actions

Summaries of Sandifer v. US Steel Corporation, a labor law case, from the Maurer School of Law in Indiana

Town of Greece v. Galloway

How did oral argument go in Town of Greece v. Galloway, the legislative prayer case? Dahlia Lithwick reports

Audio of Town of Greece v. Galloway oral argument is now available on Oyez with aligned transcript

Listen: Jeff Rosen of the National Constitution Center, Barry Lynn, and Mark Rienzi debate the issues at stake in Town of Greece v. Galloway


PBS' series The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross includes a section on Plessy v. Ferguson

Free speech is a strong guiding element in US governance. Meet Mary Beth and John Tinker, who stood up for that right in the height of the Vietnam War in front of the Supreme Court

How the Justices shape our democracy, via New York Times' Sunday Dialogue

About the Court

Justice Breyer spoke at The Aspen Institute on Trying Atrocity Crimes: The Khmer Rouge Trials, Transitional Justice, and the Rule of Law

Justice Scalia spoke at Yeshiva University on "The Separation of Synagogue and State"

How to get sworn in to the Supreme Court

Sometimes, you don't want your case to make it to the Supreme Court

Surprisingly, the up-to-the-minute Supreme Court news source SCOTUSblog doesn't have press credentials - yet. Learn how this is changing and other facts about the blog