Weekly Roundup - November 6, 2013

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Town of Greece v. Galloway

Oyez, oyez, oyez - the 2013 Deep Dive into Town of Greece v. Galloway has arrived

Learn about Town of Greece v. Galloway from the perspective of Virginia Law's Douglas Laycock, who is arguing the case before the Supreme Court

Nina Totenberg reports on the public prayer case in the spotlight

Supreme Court to hear new case on religion in public life

Atheist gets her day at the Supreme Court

Does Jesus belong at town council meetings?

New York Town Divided as Prayer Case Heads to Supreme Court

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Releases Multimedia Guide to Upcoming First Amendment Case

Legislative Prayer Scrutinized by Top US Court Justices

Mount Holly v. Mt. Holly Gardens Citizens in Action, Inc.

Tentative deal reached in civil rights case before the Court

Housing case before Supreme Court close to settlement

Richard Wolf reports on the housing discrimination case going before the Supreme Court

Bond v. US

A cheating husband, poison, and federal law? What is going on in today's strange case Bond v. US?

Supreme Court Hears Unlikely Test of Federal Power

Wife Poisoning Husband's Lover Tests Weapons Law at High Court

Justices weigh chemical weapons case of a woman scorned

Supreme Court Wades Into Bizarre Love Triangle Case

Sandifer v. United States Steel Corporation

Argument preview: "Changing clothes" and overtime pay

The Supreme Court will decide the difference between clothing and gear after this week's arguments in Sandifer v. United States Steel Corporation

Why the Sandifer case is about more than a change of clothes

Supreme Court weighs fight over changing clothes at work

Supreme Court Takes Up Steelworkers' Bid for Time to Put on Work Gear, by Adam Liptak

Abortion Cases

Court won't rule on RU-486 abortions, other announcements from Monday's Court

Supreme Court preserves Oklahoma ruling against abortion-drug limits

The Supreme Court dismissed a case from Oklahoma today, leaving in place the state Supreme Court's decision striking down a major provision of the state's new abortion law

Supreme Court asked to intervene on Texas abortion law

Richard Wolf reports on the Supreme Court dismissing the Oklahoma medical abortions appeal

High Court could soon take up new abortion case

Other Cases This Term

FindLaw's Friday Roundup includes the female Justices' painting, the "boobies" case, and Fantasy SCOTUS

The privacy advocacy group EPIC has brought their challenge against the NSA directly to the Supreme Court. Learn more about their argument

The latest version of the ISCOTUSnow iOS app features info on all current and recent Supreme Court cases

Chief Justice Roberts cites law review article in Marek v. Lane

Supreme Court January argument calendar, day by day

The Supreme Court overturned a California decision about pursuing a fleeing suspect without hearing argument

Supreme Court's Hearing List for the session beginning November 4

Argument analysis of Sprint Communications, Inc. v. Jacobs by SCOTUSblog

Earlier Cases

The Oyez Project has posted transcripts of all 2012 opinion announcements, in addition to audio

Can you name the only US President who also served on the Supreme Court? Learn this and other interesting facts about the Court

The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare, and yet it continues to be challenged. Lyle Denniston explores how this is possible

Bell v. Maryland was a landmark case. Harvard Law's Kenneth Mack takes a different approach to its interpretation


Penn State students carved The Supreme Gourds - take a look at the amazing Justice carvings

Entertaining Supreme Court Halloween costume ideas

About the Justices

The VIP Supreme Court experience is a privilege for few - and Justice Thomas gave it to students from Florida

Visit Constitutionally Speaking's video gallery to hear former Supreme Court justice David Souter on constitutional issues

How did Justice Thomas get to the bench? Read the story he told at Duke

Is a Neck Doily Clothes? Josh Blackman applies the Sandifer arguments to Justice Ginsburg, and Michelle Olsen finds the following two interviews with Ginsburg to explain

Why does Justice Ginsburg wear the Judicial Collar?

Justice Ginsburg discusses her career before the Court, Justice Scalia, and her wardrobe

Justice Sotomayor to receive top alumni award from Princeton University

Justice O'Connor on Why Judges Wear Black Robes