Weekly Roundup - October 23, 2013

Did you miss your Supreme Court news this week? Let our Weekly Roundup help. (To stay on top of the latest Supreme Court happenings, follow ISCOTUS on Twitter.)

Current Supreme Court Cases

What are the issues involved in the Supreme Court case on legislative prayer? Professor Nahmod has the answers

All audio from last week's arguments, including Schuette, are available on Oyez

Could an upcoming case in the Supreme Court intensify gridlock in Washington?

The Michigan affirmative action case Schuette isn't about race - it's about something else, claims Cass R. Sunstein

Could a Supreme Court decision discourage "patent trolls?"

The government can freeze the assets of those charged with criminal activity - but does that prevent them from hiring effective counsel? The Supreme Court heard Kaley v. US this week to answer the question

The Court granted two cases this week

Justices to rule on 'mental retardation' in death case

U.S. High Court Asks Obama Administration's View on Bank Secrecy

Smallest political donors appeal Florida's restrictions to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear Hall v. Florida, involving developmentally disabled capital defendants. Andrew Cohen argues strongly for a pro-defendant decision

The Current Justices

The Justices' Angry Email Solution: Justices Only Send Each Other Paper Memos, according to Justice Kagan

"We're nine people, we disagree a lot. But we all like each other an enormous amount and respect each other an enormous amount," said Justice Kagan last week

A reflective Justice Breyer visited Harvard and explained the inner workings of the Court

The 2012 October Term

Did you miss this year's Supreme Court IP Review? You can now watch the sessions online

Justice Stevens Defends Voter ID Decision Based on Evidence Before Him

In the Fight for Marriage Equality, a Battle to See Who Will Make It Happen

Supreme Court History

The last time the Supreme Court justices presided over a jury trial was in 1794

Listen to Richard Nixon argue before the Supreme Court

Presidents as Supreme Court advocates, before and after the White House

What did the majority of Justices agree was bad in 1935? Their new (now current) Supreme Court building

Your students can rewrite DC v. Heller and learn about legal history with these lesson plans