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Mon 14 May, 2012

While the world awaits the Court's ruling in The Affordable Care Act Cases with bated breath, Jeffrey Toobin takes a fascinating look at the behind the scenes wrangling during the Court's review of Citizens United v. FEC. While reading Toobin's piece, one wonders what's going on now, as the Court reviews yet another landmark case.

Tue 1 May, 2012

For the last quarter century, the American public's approval of the Supreme Court has been consistently high and generally more stable than approval ratings of the other branches of the Federal government. However, a Pew Research survey has detected a steady decline in the Court's favorability that cuts across political party lines.

Mon 23 Apr, 2012

The Court this week will hear the the final arguments of the 2011 Term. The last argument, on Wednesday, will be in Arizona v. United States, the widely watched challenge to Arizona's controversial immigration law.

The Court is expected to issue opinions on all pending cases by late June.

New cases are already being docketed for the 2012 Term, which will open in October.

Mon 12 Dec, 2011

The Court today granted review in the Federal government's challenge to Arizona's controversial immigration reform law, with Justice Kagan recusing herself from the case. SCOTUSblog has a nice summary of the law.

Update: Oyez's summary of the case is now available.

Fri 13 Jan, 2012

Recordings and transcripts of this week's oral arguments are now available from Oyez.

Fri 20 Jan, 2012

The Supreme Court on Friday issued an unsigned, per curiam opinion in Perry v. Perez halting the implementation of a congressional district map drawn by a Federal district court, after the lower court rejected the Texas legislature's map.

Check out Oyez's summary of the case.

Fri 20 Jan, 2012

The Oyez Project at Chicago-Kent has posted audio and transcripts of this week's oral arguments.

The Court heard arguments this week in the following cases:

United States v. Home Concrete & Supply

Filarsky v. Delia

Holder v. Gutierrez

Vartelas v. Holder

Mon 23 Jan, 2012

In a significant Fourth Amendment decision, the Court today found that law enforcement authorities must obtain warrants before using GPS tracking devices to monitor a vehicle. The decision was unanimous.

The case is No. 10-1259, United States v. Jones.

Mon 14 Nov, 2011

The Court has granted certiorari in three cases pertaining to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Update: Oyez's summary of the cases is now available.

Fri 11 Nov, 2011

We have aligned the audio + transcripts for this week's arguments and made some corrections to the transcripts in the process. (We provide all six audio files but the audio+transcripts in two cases argued on November 9 will be released on November 11). Two cases argued on November 7 and Nov ember 8 received considerable press attention: Zivotovsky v. Clinton and United States v. Jones.

Wed 2 Nov, 2011

We have posted audio and transcripts of last term's opinion announcements. You can now access the audio via the website or by subscribing to Oyez's 2010 Opinion Announcements podcast via iTunes U.

Tue 18 Oct, 2011

The Court agreed on Monday, October 17 to hear arguments in a case addressing whether patently false statements are protected by the Freedom of Speech clause of the First Amendment. Specifically, the Court will examine the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, which makes it a crime for an individual to falsely claim that they have received a military decoration.

Mon 17 Oct, 2011

Did you know you can listen to oral arguments and opinion announcements through podcasts on your iPod or iPhone? Oyez has recently redesigned and improved our iTunes U site. Check it out to see what podcasts are available.

Fri 14 Oct, 2011

This week's oral arguments before the Court are new available on Oyez.

Mon 12 Sep, 2011

Professor Geoffrey Stone of the University of Chicago Law School lays out a detailed argument with the following objective: "The conservative constitutional narrative is deeply unprincipled and patently wrong, both in its defense of conservative judicial ideology and in its attack on what conservatives deride as a result-oriented "liberal" jurisprudence.

Tue 11 Oct, 2011

The Court today agreed to hear a double jeopardy case, specifically addressing whether an accused murderer can be retried on all counts if the first jury deadlocks on lesser charges but acquits him of a greater offense.

The case is No. 10-1320, Blueford v. Arkansas. You can read the full background of the case on Oyez.

Fri 7 Oct, 2011

The audio + transcripts are now available for the cases argued in the session beginning October 3, 2011. The expanded player offers additional functions such as search, speaker locations in the time line, and clip creation.

We have identified transcription errors but we have not corrected the transcripts. You may wish to send us details on the errors. We will update the transcripts at a later date.

Mon 8 Aug, 2011

We have posted the calendar 2010 financial statements for the sitting members of the Court. (Statements for the retired members will follow in several weeks.) You can locate these statements and others back to 2003 on each justice's page on our web site.

The statements list reimbursements for transportation, lodging, food and entertainment; non-investment income; and, investments and trusts. This latter component requires additional parsing.

Mon 19 Sep, 2011

The New York Times published an editorial today in support of a proposal last week from the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. The proposal advocates--and the editorial endorses--a presumption for openness regarding the Court's records. Beyond its paper records, the Court continues to shield itself from public access, restricting its public sessions to those lucky enough to have a seat in the courtroom.

Thu 15 Sep, 2011

Neil Katyal, former Acting Solicitor General, won a unanimous decision in a major climate case in the 2010 Term. But some states continue to sue polluters under their public nuisance laws. Katyal--now a partner at Hogan Lovells LLC--said: ""I have to try really hard to come up with a lawsuit that's less appropriate for the federal courts to resolve." Read more here.